MTHFR-Genetics, Autism, and Disease

And how soon do you think Offit and the CDC will be onto addressing this information? They never will be because it still directly or at the least indirectly implicates as well, vaccines. This is actually the state of science that should exist, instead of the refusing to look outside the box that does exist.

The MTHFR Connection

Autism, imprinting and epigenetic disorders: a metabolic syndrome linked to anomalies in homocysteine recycling starting in early life??

MTHFR-Genetics, Autism, and Disease

Aberrations in folate metabolic pathway and altered susceptibility to autism.

MTHFR gene mutation… What’s the big deal about Methylation?

Autism Spectrum Disorder-associated Biomarkers for Case Evaluation and Management by Clinical Geneticists

Genetic abnormalities are common among ASDs. Therefore, it is important that affected families seek genetic counseling to determine the family risk of transmission of ASD-associated genes, as well as to provide insights into behavior modification in order to help reduce the impact of genetic polymorphisms.

Common genetic polymorphisms can increase risk of autism spectrum disorders

The contribution of inheritance and genetic mutation versus environmental factors to the risk of ASD is hotly debated. Most twin studies show the contribution heavily tilted toward inheritance, but the exact amount of involvement of genes in ASD risk is less apparent. This is because, while the impact of rare genetic variations on ASD risk is becoming clear, the role of more common variations, so called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP), remains unresolved.

By analyzing one million of the common variations in each participant’s genome, it became clear that, in families where only one child is affected, 40% of the risk of ASD is inherited. In families where more than one child is affected this increased to over 60%. By looking in more detail at the unaffected parents and siblings of children with ASD it appeared that the inherited risk was additive.


Added and related information.

Methylation and MTHFR Defects presented by Benjamin Lynch, ND

5-MTHF: The New Craze

What is Methylation and MTHFR

MTHFR and Thyroid Disorders


Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is the rate-limiting enzyme in the methyl cycle, and it is encoded by the MTHFR gene.[2] Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase catalyzes the conversion of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, a cosubstrate for homocysteine remethylation to methionine. Genetic variation in this gene may influence susceptibility to occlusive vascular disease, neural tube defects, dementia, colon cancer, and acute leukemia, because mutations in this gene are associated with methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency.[3][4]

This appears that is has been very possibly a highly overlooked issue in regard to triggering and causation of ASD. Quite obviously there would be in having this MTHFR/ as a remethylation defect condition, and in as well combined with situations of known less than adequate levels of glutathione, also known often present in those with existing diagnosis of autism, (ASD). When such a condition is present, quite obviously all vaccines would be contraindicated, and this condition appears to be much more prevalent than a person would think.

It’s NO Vaccident! Posted on October 23, 2013


5. Individuals who have bio markers showing inefficient folate metabolism, impaired methylation, low glutathione levels, and vitamin deficiencies (including but not limited to B12, vitamin D, and carnitine deficiency), are also at high risk for adverse reactions to vaccines because their ability to rid some of the additives and preservatives is impaired, and because their methylation cycle and mitochondria may be impaired.

So my question to you is…. Is it a Vaccident?

Is it as random as a car crash,
Who is injured and who is not?
Or are there family histories, bio-markers, genetic testing, and nutritional screening that all need to be taken into account, prior to giving a vaccination (or medication, anesthesia, or supplement)? Is it a safe assumption that every child can tolerate the recommended vaccine schedule as recommended, regardless of their nutritional, immune, or genetic status, just as safe as it is to assume that every person riding in a car will tolerate an accident the same way, regardless of their seat-belt or car-seat status?

In order to uphold the Hippocratic oath for all children (and adults)-

“First, Do No Harm”

…we ALL must advocate to FIRST. DO. NO. HARM. to all people, but especially to those who are susceptible to succumbing to a VACCIDENT BEFORE that VACCINE INDUCED INJURY occurs.

M is for Mitochondrial Disease

MTHFR, Folic Acid, and Mitochondrial Disease… is there a link?



FOLIC ACID is not the same thing as FOLATE!! Folic Acid (also called pteroylmonoglutamic acid) is SYNTHETIC and not found in nature… if you have the MTHFR mutation you cannot efficiently process and “methylate” folic acid to a useable form that your body can use (5MTHF)…. therefore you could take all the pre-natal (folic acid fortified) vitamins or multivitamins in the world…. but if your body cannot process/convert them correctly then your HEALTH is gaining LITTLE to NO benefit from them! So just adding more FOLIC acid (from fortified processed enriched foods) to your diet is NOT the cure… getting FOLATE in its natural form from foods(dark leafy greens, citrus, legumes, etc.) and supplementing the rest with a BIO ACTIVE form of FOLATE is HELPFUL.

If you would like an amazing over view of ALL the things that a defective MTHFR gene can cause, listen here to Dr. Ben Lynch of and see for yourself the implications:

Mito Action-April 2012 Topic


What do we know about folate polymorphisms and autism?

Many doctors in the autism/biomed community use folinic acid supplements as a treatment for autism. Dr. Jill James et. al stated in 2004 that “Based on the observed MTHFR-related genetic variations in children with ASD, it is reasonable to evaluate dietary supplementation with folinic acid and its cofactors in the methylation cycle, e.g. B vitamins and trimethylglycine (Betaine), for these children. This would be particularly important in the subgroup shown to carry MTHFR polymorphisms.”

Many children with autism have MTHFR-related genetic variations and it has been hypothesized that this may play a potential role in ASD symptomology. In an article published in 2004, Dr. Jill James et al. found that children with diagnosed ASD and MTHFR variants have approximately a 30-50% decrease in enzyme activity. To read this full article, please visit this link:

(Lots of related scientific studies on this source page).

Article source page link. Read more.

Folic Acid Fortification, Increase in MTHFR and Rise in Autism?

More articles.

MTHFR Research is the leading resource for unbiased, researched information strictly about the MTHFR mutation.

I believe the MTHFR gene mutation is a highly significant public health problem that is completely ignored. Yet, millions are suffering from pulmonary embolisms, addictions, fibromyalgia, miscarriages, schizophrenia, severe depression, cancer and autism to name a few.

What do these conditions have in common?

They all may be linked to a MTHFR gene mutation in the individual expressing these symptoms and health conditions.

If we can get MTHFR mutations on the map and get standardized medicine to begin screening for it, we can truly make a difference. The lab test to determine which MTHFR mutations are present is only about $150.00. That is nothing.

With all that said, you can see why I have created

Part 1 of 4 – Dr. Neil Rawlins gives an insightful 51-minute lecture on MTHFR (Methyltetrahydrofolate Reductase) in September of 2011. In it he covers what MTHFR is, what the symptoms of MTHFR are, as well as how to treat it and some of the products available to do so. He also covers some clinical trial information as well. He is incredibly informative on the topic as he has been studying it in earnest for over 5 years now. The near death of his son propelled him to embark on a personal journey to learn all about MTHFR and treat it in his family. Dr. Rawlins has treated hundreds of patients with great success.

MTHFR, Autism, and Homocysteine Symptoms Need a Methylfolate Solution
Check out for more MTHFR information.

G is for Glutathione, (and is necessary to make Methyl folate)

Article excerpts:

I have blogged about Glutathione a few times, here (acetaminophen/Tylenol LOWERS glutathione) and here (and so does aspartame). I am revisiting it today, in light of some recent blood work that we got back for Lady A and some new research I have done, that I feel VERY compelled to share, because I think this Mighty Chemical Glutathione {G} has implications in ALL OF OUR HEALTH!

(The article contains many related informational videos).

Glutathione, Tylenol, Vaccine Adverse Reactions, and ASD

Why is Glutathione critical to health and even life?

Glutathione Increased By 300% In 24 Hours! hope for autism

Suzanne Somers discusses Glutathione Patches

Glutathione: A Key Anti-Inflammatory

What is Glutathione and How Do I Get More of It? – Dr. Mark Hyman

Essential Glutathione: The Mother of All Antioxidants – Dr. Mark Hyman

9 Tips to Optimize your Glutathione Levels
These 9 tips will help you improve your glutathione levels, improve your health, optimize your performance and live a long, healthy life.
Eat Foods that Support Glutathione Production
Besides taking a multivitamin and fish oil, supporting my glutathione levels with these supplements is the most important thing I do every day for my personal health

Is Inflammation: The Root Cause of All Disease? Dr Mayer Eisenstein

What are vaccines? Inflammatory. Aluminum vaccine adjuvants main effect at least one of them, is the production of inflammation insofar as as well being causation increasing and heightened immune system hyper-reativity to such as so called killed attenuated vaccines. Vaccines that otherwise could not produce enough immune system reactivity to even develop any form of recognized as sufficient number increased antibodies to in effect be equivalent to what they believe standardly results in immunity, and in turn hopefully real life efficacy against the targeted illness.

When you additionally have vaccines causing as well over-activation of the brains microglia cells, and in turn extended time periods of low level chronic brain inflammation, thus we additional have this causation and result in regard to the harm vaccines and multiple vaccines are doing. Also in the connection to ASD. More and more studies have made that finding of chronic levels of brain inflammation in those with ASD, and as well ADHD. But this is a part of the tip of the vaccine harm iceberg; as other factors are as well in play. Information source, Dr Russell Blaylock and many independent scientific studies.

In many disease processes and as well that regarding autism, Parkinsons, heart disease, and much more we can see the same mechanism of causation, and also involving so called oxidative stress. Even i the MTHFR-Genetics, Autism, and Disease information I have recently been looking at, oxidative stress is again a factor. So, what is the complete definition of oxidative stress and in its physiological applications regarding harm and resulting adverse health effects. By some or many sources it does seem to a point somewhat well understood, but yet it clearly seems to be fully understood, as it would and should need to be.

Oxidative stress

What is Oxidative Stress?



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