The CDC Claimed To Epidemiological Safety Studies – Verses – The Independent Physiological Vaccine Safety Science

These are the official changes in the U.S. autism rate:

1980: 1 in 10,000

1995: 1 in 500

2001: 1 in 250

2004: 1 in 166

2007: 1 in 150

2009: 1 in 110

2012: 1 in 88

2013: 1 in 50

If a person follows the increase in vaccines after enactment of the 1988 federal vaccine court, and pharmaceutical companies no longer having any liability regarding adverse vaccine reactions and vaccine harm; these numbers correlate perfectly with that increase in numbers of vaccines and vaccine doses given.

A complete analysis of all of the main and larger epidemiological studies that they at the CDC, claim to showing no connection between Vaccines and ASD. Clearly those studies are unreliable, and they as well amount to nothing more than statistical junk science; based on flawed study designs, unreliable data, a high amount of bias; and funding by sources with an obvious and clear interest in not finding any connection.

Part 1: Vaccines and Autism – What Do Epidemiological Studies Really Tell Us?

Part 2: Vaccines and Autism – What Do Epidemiological Studies Really Tell Us?

NVICP (federal vaccine court data)

And we are told by the CDC that all the science has shown no connection between vaccines and ASD. But what did they actually look at? Did they do actual physiological studies on and as to the effect of vaccines and multiple vaccines on actual human being, and/or lab animals? No, they did not. What did they do and have they done? They did only population studies on one single vaccine, (the MMR vaccine); and population studies on one single vaccine ingredient, (Thimerosal, aka ethyl mercury). No studies were done on any other vaccines, nor other vaccine ingredients, nor were any done on combined multiple and nor repeated vaccine doses. And they tell us that they have done and looked at all the vaccine safety science; and apparently all the science that they feel would and should ever being needed. The general population and even the medical profession has believed this to be sufficient. There has as well never been done any officially recognized small nor large scale epidemiological study done, where a vaccinated on the CDC schedule groups was compared for general health over that of a group that has never been vaccinated. That study clearly could have been done, and without causing anyone to go without vaccines those chose not to; and that unvaccinated control group could be found if they actually wanted to find it. The CDC is obviously fearful of the known publicly, outcome of such a study. Why? Because they already know what it would find; which is major and obvious differences.

On these two pages of my website I have collected a significant amount of informational data and additionally mostly independent studies, (most as well published in Pubmed), which clearly show the mechanisms of harm done by vaccines, and as well some clearly connected links between vaccines and autism.

The Vaccine Damage Science—science.html

The Independent and Unbiased Vaccine Safety Science

Little known fact. There is absolutely near to nothing, that has been presented to us the public, in its correct historical truth.

Exclusive: The Spanish Influenza Epidemic Of 1918 Was Caused By Vaccinations




Vaccine Caused Ischemia Hypoxia








“According to his studies, an infant can safely get 10,000 vaccines, in one day”, Paul Offit


“Paul Offit – The Great Vaccine Milenko”



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