Rebuttal To The Mayo Clinic Study – Flu Shots During Pregnancy Reduce Autism Risk

Flu Shots During Pregnancy Reduce Autism Risk, (Mayo Clinic)

Click to access Preventing-Influenza-During-Pregnancy-Could-Reduce-Autism-Risk3-11.pdf

THIS IS OBVIOUSLY ONE OF THE MOST MAJORLY RECKLESS AND IRRESPONSIBLY PRO-VACCINE RELATED ARTICLES, EVER WRITTEN! Interesting as well is that you can find absolutely no reference to this actual said Mayo study; thus nor to read it.  Anything and any misinformation filled lie will do to cover their their butts and to continue to mislead the public about vaccine safety. What is amazing as well is their level of one sided stance that they now claim to and admit to that both the natural flu virus and as well the measles virus can cause/trigger (ASD), autism; but yet they claim to and clearly insinuate that there is no chance at all of either the flu vaccine nor the MMR vaccine, causing autism. So, they are thus making the preposterous claim that avoiding natural infection by medically inducing infection, reduces the risk of autism – and they are claiming they have the epidemiological study (another one), to prove this and to back that said claim up. Lets ask as well why the Mayo Clinic has not produced in this article any link nor reference to the actual study? Would and should that information not be of importance? What a high level of deception.

What if a pregnant woman does all the proper things and as well with diet to stay healthy, take vitamins D and C, probiotics, and then not get the flu; or if they do get the flu they cycle through it just fine and with no significant life threatening illness. Should not the woman herself decide which is the greater risk; rather than just blindly trusting the Mayo Clinic. Oh well, its the perceived by everyone as the prestigious Mayo Clinic, right? Well how can they be wrong? They are clearly wrong by one simple fact alone. They first of all, at the same time as this said study is put forth, and the article; they did absolutely no advisement against administering flu vaccines with Thimerosal, to pregnant women. That alone tells you that they are not actually concerned with the health of a pregnant woman, and no are they at all considering the toxicity to the fetus. They as well are as said only focusing on ASD, and while as well entirely disregarding any other potential harm that can be done by Thimerosal, and other ingredients in the vaccine.

The additional and most glaring lack of admission in all of this misinformation wrangling connected to the CDC, and that has been done, is in the lack of admission to and of the highly ineffective nature of flu shots in general, and to begin with. Should that not be a deciding factor in if you would decide if the flu vaccine was worth the risk of its toxicity? That should be an issue for anyone at at all deciding on getting a flu shot, and even more-so in regard to and for a pregnant woman.

Studies Find Flu Vaccines Can Harm Your Heart, Infant And Fetus

Vaccines to prevent influenza in healthy adults

Over 200 viruses cause influenza and influenza-like illness which produce the same symptoms (fever, headache, aches and pains, cough and runny noses). Without laboratory tests, doctors cannot tell the two illnesses apart. Both last for days and rarely lead to death or serious illness. At best, vaccines might be effective against only influenza A and B, which represent about 10% of all circulating viruses.

Authors of this review assessed all trials that compared vaccinated people with unvaccinated people. The combined results of these trials showed that under ideal conditions (vaccine completely matching circulating viral configuration) 33 healthy adults need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms. In average conditions (partially matching vaccine) 100 people need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms. Vaccine use did not affect the number of people hospitalized or working days lost but caused one case of Guillian-Barré syndrome (a major neurological condition leading to paralysis) for every one million vaccinations. – Read more at:

Flu vaccines don’t work and they injure far too many people

Could Flu Vaccines Cause Cancer?

Resent study shows Flu vaccines lower CD8-T Cell necessary for fighting cancer

All the flu vaccine inserts as well state this, right here:


• Safety and effectiveness of FLUARIX have not been established in
pregnant women or nursing mothers. (8.1, 8.3)
• Register women who receive FLUARIX while pregnant in the
pregnancy registry by calling 1-888-452-9622. (8.1)

Influenza Vaccine Package Inserts

And they even go as far in the video as to claim to that prior Rubella vaccination has saved 8000 cases of autism from happening. They now call them anti-autism vaccines. But yet they would again and as well maintain that some how miraculously, the live MMR vaccine can not and does not cause (ASD), autism? The whole thing top to bottom is just preposterous. These misguided claims and this level of mindless insanity, is just literally criminal. And why does this article not even bother to link to the actual study? A general search as well found no said study listed anywhere.

When this Mayo article was first and originally published, for some reason Mayo took it down and had it down by the end of the day, and replaced it later with the one you see now. The new title with the same link is, Preventing Influenza During Pregnancy Could Reduce Autism Risk (pkg)

(Original article excerpt): Expectant moms have yet another good reason to get their flu shot. It will lower their new baby’s risk of autism. “From a public health point of view, this is very exciting news,” says Greg Poland, M.D., head of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group. “About 1 in 88 kids or so in the U.S. are getting diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), so this is a major public health issue and the potential benefit is huge.” The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says autism has increased tenfold over the past 40 years. So, who wouldn’t roll up their sleeve to lower the risk? (end of excerpt)

Last year right at the start of the flu and vaccine season, there was promoted as well a new study in the NEJM again claiming that flu vaccines were found safe for pregnant women; and now this year there is another biased and misguided study and article from Mayo Clinic. And so, it never ends, the vaccine push.

Rebuttal to the New England Journal of Medicine study, finding flu vaccines safe and effective for pregnant women.

Your Body. Your Baby. Their Flu. ~ Kelly Brogan, MD

To this day, I remain appalled at the double-speak on the part of the CDC around this intervention that has been conclusively found to be ineffective and dangerous in the general population and is grossly understudied in the pregnant population.

Read more:

Physician Cautions Against Flu Shot During Pregnancy~ Kelly Brogan, MD

Things That Make Me Go “WTF?!?!” (Thinking Moms Revolution, responds to the said Mayo Clinic study)

Don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty clear and concise statement. Fear mongering at it’s finest. But what do I know? I’m just an autism mom.

“I like to say it this way – you can think of flu vaccines and rubella vaccines as anti-autism vaccines.” –Dr. Greg Poland

Ahhh, Dr Gregory Poland. Dr. Greg Poland serves on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and heads the Vaccine Research Group at Mayo Clinic.

A busy man, that Doctor Greg!!

Dr. Gregory Poland also works for Merck, serving as Chair – eDMC and receiving honoraria from Avianax, Dynavax, Liquidia Technologies, Inc., Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, PaxVax Inc., and Theraclone Sciences for consulting services

No conflict of interest there though, right Doc?? But I digress….

They push this stuff like it’s got vitamins and minerals in it.

The Mayo Clinic has blood on their hands….

– Read more at:

International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases

Disclosure Statement

CDC, our planners, and our presenters wish to disclose that they have no financial interests or other relationships with the manufacturers of commercial products, suppliers of commercial services, or commercial supporters with the exception of: (as if what they have isn’t already to much)

Dr. Gregory Poland wishes to disclose receiving honoraria from Merck for serving as Chair – eDMC and receiving honoraria from Avianax, Dynavax, Liquidia Technologies, Inc., Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, PaxVax Inc., and Theraclone Sciences for consulting services. The planning committee discussed conflict of interest with Dr. Poland to ensure there is no bias.

Look at all the other names as well and all their direct conflict of interest with pharma

Click to access Flu-Shots-During-Pregnancy-Reduce-Autism-Transcript.pdf

WE may have all read where the CDC as well now makes the misguided claim that even people with an egg allergy can still safely get the flu shots. Of course they are not actually looking at anything but the anaphylactic reactions at best. They are not looking at the fact that you can actually develop an egg allergy or worsen an existing one by getting the flu shot. Here is the study.

Serological examination of IgE- and IgG-specific antibodies to egg protein during influenza virus immunization.

N. Yamane and H. Uemura


The concentrations of serum IgE (PRIST) and IgE- and IgG-specific antibodies to egg protein were determined in paired sera taken from students who had received influenza virus vaccine. Although persons who gave a history of allergy to egg or to chicken feathers were excluded, 10-16% of vaccinees possessed higher titres of serum IgE and IgE-specific antibody (RAST) to egg white (F1) allergen before vaccination. The titres of IgG-specific antibody to egg protein (ovalbumin and ovomucoid antigens) were negligible, and did not show any significant response after vaccination. In contrast, IgE-specific antibody to F1 allergen rose significantly in a considerable number of the vaccines. The results obtained indicate possible contamination of vaccine products with allergens of egg origin and a potential risk of allergic manifestation after influenza vaccination.

So obviously you can become IgE response allergic to anything in a vaccine. Latex in the vaccines, included.

The Man-Made Food Allergy Epidemic (It’s NOT just PEANUTS!!)

Peanut oil in vaccines behind widespread peanut allergy epidemic, (peanut oil FYI, intended obviously as an adjuvant booster, is NOT required to be listed on the vaccine ingredients list)

Are Flu Vaccines Really Necessary or Safe? Doctor Argues ‘No’

In the British Medical Journal, a scientist from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Peter Doshi Ph.D., claimed that just because the public is being persuaded to get a vaccine, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessary, or even safe for that matter. Dr. Doshi argues that vaccines are not as safe and actually cause more side effects than the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) likes to admit.

Read more:

The Danger and Ineffectiveness of Flu Vaccines

You will never look at “the vaccinated” the same again! – Shedding Viruses. Published on Sep 25, 2013 The new version of the video easier to read studies! And here the links are in order!

It is also a bit rightfully coincidental that with the said recent Mayo Clinic article and said study done there, proclaiming once again that flu shots given to pregnant women, are entirely safe. Interestingly as well most flu shots given to pregnant women do contain Thimerosal, (ethyl mercury) in them. The CDC of course makes no advisement against that, and nor do they advocate for use of the Thimerosal free, single dose vials or preloaded syringes.

So, that is a bit of a contradiction between these below studies, and what mayo came up with.

SafeMinds Releases New Video on Scientific Links between Mercury Poisoning and Autism –

The Flu Vaccine: Something to Sneeze At ~ by Roman Bystrianyk, (the real history of flu vaccines)

Here we have the issue and existing question regarding as well an increased incidence of mini strokes in babies of all things. When you look at a certain set of research by one Dr Andrew Moulden, it becomes clear that these mini strokes in the fine end vascular territories of the brain can happen to do vaccination of the mother while pregnant, and as well after birth through breast feeding. Additionally the infant can acquire the same thing through vaccination of even as much as the at birth Hepatitis B vaccine, which has a full dose of aluminum adjuvant in it. Aluminum is of course and when even minute quantities exist in the blood, it becomes a coagulant. Aluminum, as in vaccine aluminum adjuvants, is potentially as bad if not worse than Thimerosal, in regard to its neurological effects.

Aluminum Adjuvants – Lack of Safety Data – Lack of Aluminum Adjuvant Safety Studies

What the real and mostly independent and unbiased vaccine safety science and the studies show us.—science.html

Vaccine Caused Ischemia/Hypoxia, (Dr Andrew Moulden)

Most Perinatal Strokes Lead To Neurologic Disorders

Adult Versus Pediatric Stroke

Types of Stroke

Stroke in the first 28 days of life is much more common than parents realize.



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  1. I myself experienced a miscarriage at around 10 weeks on 24th, November, 2012. This is despite an ultrasound test at 8 weeks that showed a normal and health fetus. I bled for around 2 weeks following the miscarriage. I received my normal menstrual period on 27th, December, 2012; approximately 20 days after I stopped bleeding due to miscarriage. I went for a pregnancy test after the period and it was negative. In January, we started trying for the first time to get pregnant and yes, after five weeks I tested positive. I could not be able to express my joy at getting pregnant again after a miscarriage that fast and easy.

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